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It snowed here today!! Loooots of snow!! Yay! Although the weather was terrible otherwise, since it snowed so heavily and the wind was horrid, but anyway. Yaaay. Would've been more fun if Henkka had changed winter tyres into our car in time, though :( I was scared as hell whether he'd make it back from work safely. The roads were really bad. He did steer off the road on the exit ramp from the highway, and he nudged the front of the car into something but the speed was so slow at that point that nothing happened. He even managed to get the car back on the road by himself, lol. Even with all that snow that had piled up on the sides of the road.

I don't celebrate Halloween, so you get no happy Halloween wishes from me. :P I actually rather dislike the fact how they're trying to force us into celebrating it here, with stores full of Halloween stuff. I don't see the point... buying pumpkins and costumes for one day and then throwing it away. Why is Halloween celebrated anyway? I have no idea. O.o

I'm not dissing people who do celebrate it and who have a long tradition of celebrating it! Don't get me wrong. I just don't get why we should celebrate it HERE when we don't even know what the whole thing is about O.o
So I'm boycotting the whole thing. Heh.

Here kids go trick 'n treating on Easter. Once a year should be enough, imho...

Hmh. Nothing much is happening... things aren't progressing, not on the Buffalo front or on the Thesis front at the moment, since I have to wait for feedback.

Gahh I hate it how I haven't been able to sit with my legs crossed since the accident in August :( It twists the ankle in a bad way and it doesn't feel nice. Otherwise my ankle is back to normal, I guess. Some moves are still unimaginable when I exercise, but I'll live. ;) And walking on bumpy grounds hurts for some reason... I don't even know where it hurts exactly, but it hurts. Hmmh.

We watched a really good war movie today! I told Henkka to rent whatever he wanted (he always wants to watch war movies) and I hate those, so we started watching it and I was like blah, and I didn't even plan on watching it the whole way through. It's called... *checks* "Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean" in English. First, I was glad about the fact that it was Japanese (and partly English) and then, I noticed that the movie had an actual plot, which was interesting, and the characters were interesting too!! It wasn't just BOOMCRASH GUNS FIRE BLOOD BODIES EXPLOSIONS BOOM.

(that's my concept of war movies, lol)

So then naturally Henkka didn't like the movie at all and I was like "yay this is the best war movie I've ever seen!!!"

Bleh I guess I'll watch Big Brother for a while now and then go to bed... they're having an Oktoberfest party this time. Lolz. And they got some showering tan spray booth into the house today, so they all look absolutely horrid with their fake tans. They look too... fake. And orange. And they sprayed on way too much of it. It looks awful, especially when they talk because their teeth are so white...
I'd like to try some really fair fake tan sprays/lotions, because I'm so pale I look sick, but my skin is so dry that the tan probably would not stick too well and would end up looking choppy. Then I'd look even more sick :D
I tried some "slowly and fairly self-tanning day cream" once and after I'd used it for a week, I went to see my parents and my dad looked at me and started yelling "what the hell happened to your face, do you have cancer?" because my skin was orange in some places and pale in others. Lol.

Okay I always end up babbling!! I'll go now!
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