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HP laptops are teh shit

The wlan-card in my laptop died all of the sudden on Monday. Combined with the fact that the battery is 100% destroyed and died all of the sudden too, it means that the motherboard is broken somehow --> which means extended warranty and two weeks without a laptop for poor moi.


NEVER BUY AN HP LAPTOP. Mari got an extended warranty on hers too because guess what was broken?? The motherboard!

I'm writing this on my laptop which is hooked on the phone cable and shit, but now I'll try reinstalling Windows and format this computer (which, according to the guy at HP support, most likely won't fix the problem but it has to be done anyway) and lose all of my precious music and videos. I burnt the most important stuff onto a DVD but still... *tear*

I like Japanese christmas songs. :}

The second half of my teacher training started on Friday, so that will keep me busy too. So I probably won't be updating in a while.

Today will be spent reinstalling the laptop, cleaning and putting up Christmas decorations (hopefully the cats won't destroy them!!), and watching the Big Brother final. I don't care who wins it; the four people left are so boring I haven't watched BB at all this week... that is quite an accomplishment for me.

Anyways, see ya again soon, hopefully :)
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