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New year's and all

We took Topi to the vet today, to be castrated. Poor thing. I've been cleaning up his pee and vomit from the floor all evening. :I He and Milla have been fighting a lot recently, mainly because Topi has been trying to hump on her. He's been very noisy, too, constantly yelling and moaning... I was beginning to think that maybe he's a hermaphrodite or something, he was acting just like a female cat in heat, lol.
(don't get me wrong, he's male alright; just look at the size of his *cough*... or well, at least the size of his "what he used to have"...)
He's finally asleep now, after roaming the floors for about three hours...

I've gotten addicted to Dynasty now. I watched all of the episodes about ten years ago when they were showing reruns, but now they've started releasing them on DVD here and I got season 1 for Christmas. It ended in such a cliffhanger that I had to go and spend 40 euros on season 2. Lol. But that's it then, they haven't released season 3 yet... *sigh* I can't afford to buy Dallas on Amazon, much less Dynasty, although they're both cheaper on Amazon than they are here (I saw some Dallas boxes with Swedish covers here recently and they cost 70 euros per season!!!). But the shipping rates on Amazon are ridiculous... I'll buy them all once I get to the States.

I wonder why I love 80's TV shows so much, lol. I think the ones today are such crap. Well, the 80's shows aren't THAT good either I guess, but I like the nostalgia... and the glamour associated with the families on Dallas and Dynasty. *shrugs* Heh.

I haven't been writing my Thesis much during the break, mainly because well, I needed a break. I started again today. Let me just say that I effing loathe it. LOATHE. I'm so sick of it!!! I just want the whole thing to be over and done with, and once I'm done with it, I won't listen to Japanese music for... at least a month!!

I think I've stated that I don't make new year's resolutions, mainly because I (and virtually everyone else) never keeps them. Well, now I have two:

-get my Master's Thesis done
-get my ass to Buffalo
-get my teacher training done
-get a summer job

Okay that's four. And a lot of getting, lol.

I'll also try my damndest to quit smoking after I'm done with the Thesis & teacher training stress, because 1) I don't think I'll be able to smoke as freely in the dorms in the States and 2) the price of cigarettes rose today, by 50 cents!! That's six euros a pack!!! A large pack, but anyway. Sheeeesh.
So I think I'll for once do what the greedy government wants me to do (i.e. quit smoking because it's oh-so-bad) and thus stop bringing in money as cigarette taxes, which constitute to over 50% of the price. So hah!! We'll see how we get through this recession, then!
Seriously, if everybody suddenly quit smoking because it's so unhealthy, the state would go bankrupt.

So, I think I'll continue working on my Thesis next year, then, and continue watching Dynasty for the rest of this year... bye.
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