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King Alcohol indeed

Lately I've been wondering why I have surrounded myself with selfish people all my life; people who ultimately end up using me and taking advantage of my kindness and inability to say 'no'. Especially my school friends have always been (and sadly, still are) like that. I'm always the one who does and worries the most.

Yesterday I noticed something else about those people, too: they're ALL alcoholics. In one way or another. (except my family)

This morning I was woken up at 10am when our drunk next-door neighbor was playing the guitar and singing in his whisky-baritone voice which is just awful.

I came to the solution that even though I rarely use alcohol myself (for the past six months, I've been drinking only once a month), it and drunk people are still ruining my life.

Seriously. My best friend is a drunk. My other friend only contacts me when she wants something/wants to go drinking, cos she's got no one else to go with. And if I don't drink myself, I end up driving HER and her car around. I always end up being the sober driver when I'm strong enough to say 'no' to drinking. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT????

On top of it all, Henkka drinks almost nightly, and it's only going to get worse because now he was laid off from work for six weeks, starting February 9th.
Meanwhile, I'm in teacher training from 8am to 6pm almost every day. I wonder if he's going to help me with household chores and let me go to bed early?


Why does alcohol turn people into idiots and ruins so many lives???

I'm never drinking again. I'm done with that shit. kthxbai
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