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An odd piece of poetry

Lol I found a really nice old Finnish saying:

- Kokoo kokoon koko kokko, Kokko.
- Koko kokkoko?
- Koko kokko.
Kokko kokosi kokoon koko kokon.

A loose translation:

- Build up the entire bonfire, Kokko.
- The whole bonfire?
- The whole bonfire.
Kokko built up the entire bonfire.

Yep yep. Pronunciation is important. :P

collect:imperative together whole bonfire [name]
- Kokoo kokoon koko kokko, Kokko.
whole bonfire also
- Koko kokkoko?
whole bonfire
- Koko kokko.
[name] collect:past together whole bonfire:genitive
Kokko kokosi kokoon koko kokon.

Wow that was hard to translate actually... O.o Kinda impossible, really. Depends on how you look at the whole building/putting up/gathering process, and whether the bonfire already exists or not... O.o

You can probably tell that I'm bored... as if I didn't have stuff to do. Russian homework, here I come!
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