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Ahh shit!!

Morning Musume will perform at Anime Expo in the US in July... crap! Why July and not August when I'd probably be there :((

Oh and you all know about the awful plane accident in Buffalo, right? Well, that's where I'll be going... hmmh.

Although I think that it would be more likely to win the lottery than to have a plane accident occur twice a year in the same place...

And yay it's weekend. Henkka started making us this coffin-type thingie where we can keep our clothes, so that they're not all over the bedroom floor. (what do you call those things anyway?? it looks like a coffin, lol, it's big enough for me to go lie in it) It's got a cover, too, so hopefully the clothes will be free of cat hair... I've been wanting something like this for ages now, and we figured it would be cheaper to build our own than to buy two baskets or two similar, smaller "coffins".

Hmm... I just realized I've got nothing exciting to look forward to, even though it's the weekend. Hrmh. Well of course everyone's all hyped up about Valentine's Day, but because the literal Finnish translation for it is "Friends' Day", Henkka thinks it's for friends only and it doesn't have a romantic purpose.


Oh well! I'll buy something sweet for myself, then. I need something sweet, actually; our favorite chips were on sale (1 euro per bag) so now we have six bags of chips... uggh.
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