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There's nothing nicer than waking up at 5am because of horrible cramps... thank goodness for painkillers. Oh well, I would've had to wake up at 5:45 anyway.

Thus, I'm bored and I have time to kill this morning, which is unusual. So I thought I'd update.

Teacher training ends next week (WOHOO!!!). I can honestly say that this has been the most stressful five months in my life. I'm so glad it's over! There are no words to describe this relief.

My Thesis should go into print in April/May. So that's nice.

My application was sent to Buffalo two weeks ago, so I'm expecting to hear from them sometime during the next month. Could be May, though. I'll be in a hurry to get everything in order... especially the visa.

Currently I'm desperately trying to find a summer job. No luck so far. I doubt whether I'll even get a job since the economy is in such a bad shape. Blahh. Just my luck. I'll graduate in the midst of a huge depression...

Other than that, absolutely nothing has been going on in my life. Just school, school, and school. But soon that'll be over.

I'm feeling happy this morning ^^ Can you tell?
(maybe it's just the euphoria from the painkillers, and because it's so sunny outside, but oh well)
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