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Long time no see

I've been really busy this summer. I managed to get a summer job as a cleaner and it's been full-time work from Monday to Friday, sometimes even on Saturdays (thankfully only 3,75 hours in the morning). This is my first job ever, so it was really frightening and exciting in the beginning. Now it's become a routine. Only three more weeks...

On the 29th I will be traveling to Helsinki for my visa interview. I'll spend two days there because I've never been to Helsinki and I want to explore it a bit. Can you believe it?? It's the capital of Finland and I've never been there... *shame*

And... *drumroll*

On the 21st, or the 22nd of August, I will be traveling to Buffalo. ^^ It's all official now.

I was wondering, though, can you trust places like ? I'm looking for plane tickets from New York to Buffalo and they're ridiculously cheap, cheaper than bus or train tickets. Traveling by plane would be a lot nicer than spending 10 hours on a train/bus...

In any case, I HAVE to be on campus by the 23rd. The dorms for international students open on the 22nd and the orientation week starts on the 24th.

I'm really excited. ^^ I hope all goes well. I've never traveled alone... and I've never been on international airports. Fortunately the flight from Helsinki to New York has only one layover. I haven't booked the tickets yet because I have to figure out just how many hours I'll have to spend at the airport in NY (passports, visas, etc), which airport it will be, and when I will arrive in Buffalo and check into a hotel there (the dorms close at 6pm and I'll never make it on time).

So yeah. That's mostly what I've been up to lately. I've been reading your LJs daily but I haven't had the time to comment, sorry. :( But it looks like most of you are having a great summer, so keep it up folks :)
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