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I will be flying down to Helsinki in two hours; today will be dedicated to shopping, and tomorrow I will visit the US Embassy for my visa interview. I'm slightly nervous as this is the first time I'm traveling alone, and also because this is my first flight alone. My last (and only) flight so far has been the trip to Bulgaria with Henkka four years ago. I'm terribly afraid of planes. :/

On a sadder note, however, my grandfather passed away early Tuesday morning. So yesterday was a sad and hectic day: we visited my grandmother, bought me a suitcase and packed it in the middle of the night, etc. I will be taking my laptop with me and the hotel has a wlan connection so I can keep in touch with everyone.

Well, that's mostly what I've been up to lately. I'll be updating more frequently now since my summer job ended last week. After this trip I can just relax and take care of everything before leaving for Buffalo around the 21st of August.

I'll go now since it's so annoying to write on Henkka's computer; the i-button doesn't work properly. See ya soon, with pictures I hope ^^
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