Sunday, September 28th, 2008
10:55 pm - Koi kana~
I just bought three euros worth of Internet-time to see Idols backstage stuff, just to see this supercute and superpositive Finnish j-pop fan perform a song by Koharu Kusumi AND get accepted into the next stage with it. O.o

But she was so cute! I loved her attitude! She was so cheerful and happy, and she was so right... every Japanese music fan is Finland is all about j-rock and they're so "Dir en grey wooo rrrrock" and nobody seems to pay any attention to j-pop. I, too, like seeing cute and happy girls singing happy songs. Not everything has to be so gloomy all the time...

J-rock, apart from Laruku and Gackt, has never appealed to me much. And I don't think they can be called so "rock" all of the time...

Okay Henkka is being really annoying right now, and there's somethig wrong with the n-button on my laptop. I hate this! The i-button on my PC only works half the time I push it, and now there's a similar problem with a different button on my laptop. Gah!!
Oh and my laptop is getting crappy otherwise too. The battery is totally dead. I have to have it hooked to the wall all the time, otherwise it will go into sleepy mode in a minute.
Blahh and a new battery would cost almost 100 euros, and I doubt it would last longer than a year (this one lasted a little over a year). I'll buy a new laptop when I get to the States, hopefully they'll be cheaper there? Especially if I convert the dollar price into euros...

Speaking of the States, I have to put in my application next week. So next week will be spent cruising around different departments at uni getting signatures from people. Blah...

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Saturday, September 27th, 2008
4:26 pm - Insurances are weird
Ok so what's up with this?? I interviewed (or rather, interrogated) the insurance salesperson whom we went to see on Thursday to get a new insurance package for our car (we paid the last payment this month, so the car is now completely ours and is no longer covered by the bank's insurance system).

Turns out that the health insurances etc. which US universities offer are CONSIDERABLY cheaper than the package I would get from here, especially if you throw in the whole euro/dollar conversion jazz.
BUT there isn't an insurance system which would cover dental care, unless it's urgent (e.g. my tooth drops out and I need to have it put back in). So ehh.

And it gets better. Health insurance is also much cheaper than insuring my belongings, i.e. bags and such. It becomes even more expensive because it has to be made longer than the 3 months it covers, AND because it only covers my belongings up to 850 euros. That's nothing, especially on my way back!

Gahh my head is exploding with all the things I need to sort out before leaving, and most of that stuff is stuff that I can't even do right now because I don't know where I'll go yet...

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
4:23 pm - Once again... *sigh*
It's been less than a year since the last school shooting, and now this.

I'm sad.

And seriously considering a career change.

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Monday, September 22nd, 2008
9:54 pm - Uu beibe
Now I figured it out!

I'm listing Texas as my third choice!! Woo!!!

Dallas, here I come!! xD

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Saturday, September 20th, 2008
1:26 pm - And the contemplation continues
Maybe West Virginia??

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1:14 pm - D'oh
I just realized.... Washington?? Wtf? It's in the middle of nowhere... as in Washington STATE, not Washington DC.

< insert major D'OH here >

I'm stupid...

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12:09 pm - Gahh
I have a problem deciding which US university to apply to as an exchange student next fall. :S

I'm thinking of choosing Buffalo State University in NY as my first choice, although it will probably turn out to be the most expensive option. However, it is HUGE and offers dozens of courses in Japanese and Russian, which I would like to study while abroad.

As for my two other choices, I'm thinking of Washington State University and North Carolina State University (I can't understand the "consortium" thing, is this uni so huge that it has separate universities/complexes all over the place??)

Would any of you like to help me out? :) Have you heard anything of these universities? Would you like to recommend me something that is not on my list but which would be perfect?

I'm going to be about 5000 euros poorer at the end of 2009... but oh well, I guess it'll be worth it. ^^ Luckily my parents have agreed to cover some of the costs. And my home uni gives me a scholarship for the plane tickets.

Ohh and I've become totally addicted to Big Brother!! I bought the 24/7 thing for our cable TV and we also have the Internet TV package. I swore I'd never even start watching this show as it is so useless and stupid, but... never say never I guess *is ashamed of self*
Tuuli is so hot :P

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
2:16 pm - Okay I'm mad!!!
There's litter EVERYWHERE and our toilet smells horrible because there's NOT ENOUGH litter for two litter boxes. I thought we could hold out til tomorrow when I get money, but no such luck, and the two cats make such a NOISE when they have to go and they scoop their litter EVERYWHERE. They do not scoop the litter inside the boxes so much as the WALLS and the rims of the boxes. Scratching at the walls will NOT make our landlord (or in this case, Henkka's mom aka the landwoman or whatever) happy. This house is covered in litter!! And Topi won't stick to his own plate of food, even if both cats have the same exact food in their cups, and that makes Milla the Queen very angry indeed! Some brat eating out of HER cup, wtf!

I only slept four hours last night because the growling wouldn't stop.

Oh well. Hopefully it'll get better. I'm not mad about getting Topi, and I knew this would happen, so... tough luck. ^^

Today I will become even more indebted and buy some huge jumbo-sized hooded litter box, a carpet to place in front of it (which will hopefully hold some of the litter that the cats carry around in their paws), and MORE LITTER. Expensive litter. I've found this perfect litter that doesn't smell and makes very good clumps. Well right now it does smell because there's not enough of it in the other box. Argh.

Oh and we need a new traveling box too, but that can wait til next week when we are taking Topi to the vet for injections and stuff. That will take 40 euros too. *sigh*

Topi still has diarrhea and I had to wash him again this morning and then I had to put my favorite pants in the washing machine because I noticed there was poop on them too. Gahhhh. Well at least he ate all of his food which had anti-worm drugs in it... hopefully he'll get rid of the worms which he most definitely has since there were so many outdoor cats in his birth place.

After taking Milla in, I vowed that the next cat would be some sort of breed cat (~600 euros) from a notified breeder who would take care of injections and worms etc. beforehand and feed their cats with something other than POTATOES. No wonder the poor cat has diarrhea!!!!!
Where do these people come from!!!

The weirdest thing is that I do not feel like smoking, even though I'm pissed off as hell. O.o

Fingers crossed that this household will calm down eventually... and that both cats will accept their new hooded litter boxes today.

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
11:27 pm - Topi
Today our family grew, once again. ^^

His name is Topi and he is 13 weeks old. ^^ Milla is, naturally, quite angry about this sudden change in our family relations xD She's still the Queen, of course, but Topi is surprisingly bold and isn't scared of anything! It seems more like Milla is afraid of him O.O For the last two hours, she's been trying to take a sniff at him instead of just hissing and showing him her teeth from afar but Topi just hisses and growls at her.

Oh yeah and he pooped and vomited into the traveling box when we transported him here -_- The first thing we had to do when we got home was to wash him because he was covered in his own watery diarrhea. Ewwww. The joys of having animals, I guess...
The smell was TERRIBLE. We had to drive home super fast to avoid suffocating in the car.

I still haven't smoked \o/

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Sunday, August 31st, 2008
1:50 pm - Something good, something bad
Milla got rid of her ufo hat today. ^^ She had it on for the required ten days, and the wound has healed well. It still looks nasty, though.

Yesterday I went drinking & driving with Sussu, and sang some karaoke (of course _we_ didn't drive!!). It was fun, I guess. Though lately I've started to dislike drinking... last weekend I didn't drink, and this weekend I drank only because I didn't have anything else to do. I would've gone driving myself but couldn't because I got my period, and due to my horrible cramps I need to take painkillers that affect the central nervous system and when you take those, you can't drive. So blah.

Besides, after 12pm, I drank nothing but water. I didn't want to get too drunk and have a hangover today. So yay for me. I think I only drank four ciders in total, which is a huge improvement for me. Normally I drink all sorts of crap and a lot more cider...

Now I'm going to stop drinking altogether. It doesn't do me any good. Driving is just as much fun, and I don't want to poison my body with anything.

And now for the big news.... *drumroll*

I haven't smoked a single cigarette in THREE DAYS!!!

Of course the craving is huge, but so far I've managed to get past it with nicotine gum. I have this licorice gum which tastes good. Plus it causes this burning feeling in my throat (pure nicotine has a burning effect) which quite effectively makes me not want to smoke after chewing gum. Even the mere thought of smoking with that burning feeling makes me want to puke.

I've done a lot of thinking lately. I want to live a good life. A life without alcohol, cigarettes, bingeing... I want to work hard for my goals and be good to other people and MYSELF.

I'll probably have a lot of setbacks, though... but at least I'm trying. This non-smoking thing is taking up all of my energy now, but after I have overcome that, I can focus more on other things. I'm trying really hard not to be a bitch about everything, but naturally, being without cigarettes makes me irritated because my body is screaming for them.

It's a beautiful fall day outside, so I think I'll go for a walk once the dishwasher is done washing. I'm scared to leave it running alone... who knows when it will break and start spewing water everywhere.

Oh and I signed up for Russian courses at uni! Hopefully they'll take me into the courses, since there are always more people wanting to study Russian than there is room in the groups. So fingers crossed! I've always wanted to study Russian, so I figured now would be a good time because I have practically no courses this fall, except for Thesis seminars.

I'll go now. ^^

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Friday, August 22nd, 2008
12:52 am - Update
So today I took Milla to the vet to be sterilized. What an ordeal it was!! The surgery itself was fine and only took about an hour, but omg I'm NEVER going to force a cat into a traveling box ALONE! Henkka was at work so he wasn't here, and this was the first time that Milla flat out refuses to enter the box. And the damn thing broke, too! Even the door couldn't hold her inside! I had to close it with duct tape and it took about ten tries until I succeeded in making her stay there. I've got blood-oozing scratches all over my arms, chest and neck to prove it *sigh*

Let's not even mention how she screamed in the car all the way to the vet...

Then I took her home and when I lay the box down on the floor, she freaked out completely even though she was still under heavy sedation and shit, and I had to let her out of the box because I was afraid she'd hurt herself with that thing over her head (you know, the plastic thingie that prevents cats from licking their wounds after surgeries). So she up and jumped into the living room, still under sedation!! I was so scared and didn't know what the hell to do because I was afraid to lift her up because of her surgery wound in the belly, and Milla was afraid of me because she thought I was going to take her somewhere AGAIN. But she's got some serious fighting spirit in her. She wasn't tired at all; she just wanted to go forward and spent 30 minutes trying to get behind the computer desk, which she of course couldn't do because of that huge thing around her head.

So then I was afraid to leave her home alone, since I was afraid she'd get stuck somewhere with that plastic thing and strangle herself because she was still disoriented and dizzy and wouldn't be able to help herself out of it. Fortunately she finally fell asleep, after trying to get forward for 1,5 hours, and I could go and pick up Henkka from work (seeing as I took the car today).

Poor thing :( Now she's doing a bit better... she's walking straight, although slowly, but spends every waking moment backing up and trying to get rid of her new "hat". Then after about 30 minutes, she passes out again. Lucky for her, I think... I think it's better that she sleeps off all of the sedatives and stuff. Not to mention all of the stress she must have experienced today!

I just hope all goes well from now on, and she gets better soon. It broke my heart to see her like that, and still does. :(

(I just checked my last post where I complained about my ankle; it's almost good as new now, although jogging is still banned and I have to be extremely careful when I'm walking or sitting down... it still hurts occasionally and my walking is, well, funny...)

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008
10:47 pm - In pain
So we went out clubbing last night, and I managed to strain my ankle. I don't know what happened, I just stepped on it with my full body weight all of the sudden, and it twisted all the way. It didn't even hurt for the first hour, so I kept on dancing and running around, but then the pain got sooo bad that I couldn't walk or put any weight on my right ankle. So Mari and Henkka had to carry me out and luckily my sister and her friend were out driving, so they took us home.

I was hoping the pain would've gone away by morning, but no such luck :( I had to go see a doctor and wait there for three hours. My ankle is not broken, thank goodness. The ligaments have just been strained, but still, ouch :( It hurt so goddamn much to walk before they gave me a pair of crutches. Still does, and I can't put any weight on my right ankle. I'm on some heavy pain medication, and they put this supportive bandage on the ankle, which helps a bit.

I'm so fucking pissed off at myself. I'm never going dancing when I'm drunk again!!! And I wasn't even wearing shoes with high heels. I never wear that kind of shoes! I had my sneaker-type shoes on, and still managed to strain my ankle!!

I can't do any exercise for two weeks, either :(( I got a new training program yesterday and was all hyper about it. And I began those morning jogs this week, too. Guess I won't be jogging for a while now... :((( All I can do is sit on the couch bored as hell and stuff my face with food. I seriously hope it won't come to that...
I can't even go anywhere with crutches :( Or drive a car with this ankle, at least not for a few days if the pain continues like this. Hopefully I will be out of the crutches in a few days. We'll see...

I'm getting sick of hopping around with my left leg... ah well, at least the muscles on that leg will get stronger. I'll definitely try to go to the gym next week to train my upper body. I guess I should be able to do that while sitting down... that is, if I can get to the gym somehow :(

Blahh. Another lesson learned.

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Monday, August 4th, 2008
9:49 am - Dundun
I've got nothing to update, really, but I just got this feeling that I should.

I love my new gym. Well, it's not _new_, seeing as I used to go there before moving to Haukipudas, but still. Yay. ^^

I woke up at 6am today. Considering that we're both on vacation, that's a bit... extreme. But I don't know. I like waking up early on sunny summer mornings and going to the gym. That leaves the rest of the day free to do whatever I want, and more time to accomplish more things. ^^

But it's NOT summer here either, so Devon, you're not alone :P About 10-15 C. It's sunny, but chilly. No beach for me this summer, I guess :( They say this kind of weather will last for the next two weeks or so.

My weekend was a bit too alcoholic, I think. On Friday, I went to Mari's place in town and we drank a bit. We were going to go to a bar or sth but in the end we just went out to get some Chinese food, came back to her place to eat it and then I took the bus home. :P
And on Saturday, Sussu (my friend since elementary school) came over, we drank lots (Henkka too) and then went to this little pub where we always go, and sang karaoke and drove around after that. I didn't get home until 6:30am O.o So yesterday was a bit blahh for Henkka and me... he drank too much and threw up three times yesterday. Oh well. Now that the mandatory "one must get pissed at least once during their summer vacation and throw up the next day" stuff is out of the way, we can do something nice next weekend. xD
Sussu lives almost next door now, by the way O.o They're living across the street in their parents' house (the parents live a few kilometers from here). "They" being Sussu, her boyfriend and their 1,5 year-old son. He's cute ^^ Looks exactly like his father.

Today I think I'll go shopping, seeing as I suddenly got 350 euros to spend even after paying the bills O.o I got my deposit money back from the old apartment, and I don't have to pay a new one since this is Henkka's mom's apartment, so yay xD
Tomorrow we're going to Kemi to visit Henkka's parents and brother, and then to Tornio/Haaparanta which is almost right next to it. There's this huge Ikea. New furniture, here I come!!! xD

Sounds like Henkka woke up, so I'll go make a fresh pot of coffee. ^^

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Friday, August 1st, 2008
12:33 am - New home
So we're all moved in now. ^^ Actually we were finished here already on Monday... everything was in place and this apartment started looking like a home. Our home. ^^ Well the bedroom is a bit messy because we're painting the walls, but other than that, no problems. We even got a new stove today!! Yayness. The old one was uhh, bad.

I'll post pics when we're done painting the walls... and when I will have bought this rug I desperately want. Lol.

It's August already!! I can't believe it O.o This week has been REALLY busy.

Ohh and... the kittens died. :( All of them. They died early on Sunday morning... it seems like they had that uhh, I don't know what it is in English and my dictionary isn't helping me. Cleft palate, maybe? They did feed and everything seemed to be going okay at first, their weight was rising but then it dropped and they became weak. Mari and her mom fed them with milk substitute, but still, they had trouble swallowing and it may well be that the cleft palate thing caused all of the milk to go into their nasal cavities.

So yeah. :(

But other than that... all is good.

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Thursday, July 24th, 2008
2:40 pm - Kittens!
Yumi, Mari's cat, has given birth today ^^ There may still be more kittens on the way, since it's ongoing as I'm writing. The first two kittens are alive and well; the third one, unfortunately, came out dead. :( She was born feet first, got stuck and wasn't breathing, and by the time they got her out, it was too late and her head and neck were damaged in the process. :(

The first one is completely black, I hear (male) and the second one looks like an exact replica of her dad (gray and white). ^^

Here is a pic of Yumi and her huge belly a few days ago:

And here are the proud parents:

I hope all continues to go well now. And that we get pictures of the kittens soon. ^^ Now I'm going to our new apartment to clean it with my little sister. Guess who will be sore tonight...

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
1:49 pm - Lolz
My birthday was nice. Henkka brought home some sweet pastries and took me shopping in the evening. Downtown, and he didn't even complain all the way like he normally does xD All I managed to get was this sushi book, though. It's got 100 sushi recipes and it was only 5.95 euros, so of course I had to buy it.

Today we're going to my parents' house when Henkka gets home from work at 3pm. Mom has baked me a strawberry cake. It's a tradition, since my birthday is the only time of year when there are fresh strawberries and someone has a birthday = strawberry cake. Mmmmm. My birthday wouldn't be complete without it ^^ We couldn't celebrate it yesterday because both my parents were working the whole day.

Milla keeps doing everything that is forbidden O.o Maybe she's bored... she's chewing on boxes, destroying the living room carpet, and just crawled into the back of the TV and the speakers started making this buzzy sound O.o
Also, she doesn't react to catnip!! O.o What kind of cat is that??? We bought her REAL catnip yesterday, and she just sniffed at it and walked away like nothing. Weirdness.

Henkka was amazing yesterday xD We were at the gas station and as you all know, gas prices are horrible. Here gas is around 1.55 euros per liter (one liter is 0.264 gallons). It has been that expensive pretty much all year, and hasn't risen lately. So Henkka put in his debit card and started typing in his pin when suddenly he aborted the whole thing, looked at the monitor and then at me and shouted: "There's no way we're filling up at this station! 1.52 euros per liter! It shouldn't be that expensive!! What kind of station is this??" And I was like "umm... this is the cheapest gas station in town. Are you kidding me?" and Henkka went on shouting "over 1.50 per liter, gas is not that expensive! Last time I filled up, it was 1.23 per liter!"

So I was like... "umm honey, it hasn't been that cheap since 2006... have you hit your head today?"
Henkka: "There's no way I'm paying 1.52 per liter!!"
Me: "We can't get it cheaper anywhere else, believe me... just fill it up."
Henkka: ".........are you sure?"
Me: "Yeah. The price has been this high all year."
Henkka: ".....okay then."

xD xD And it's not like it would've been ages since we last refueled... I think it was Saturday, and he didn't complain then xD
I wonder if he works too much...? Fortunately he has two weeks of summer vacation starting on the 28th.

Well I'll go put on some makeup now. ^^

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Sunday, July 20th, 2008
5:04 pm - Update
Tomorrow's my birthday! Yay. ^^ I can't believe I'm 22 already O.o

Also, Mari's cat is giving birth any moment now. She's in labor pain and her belly has gone down (it looks like this huge dangling bag...) It would be so cool if they were to be born on my b-day. At least it would be easy to remember, eh? ;)

I've packed all our cupboards and closets, despite our wardrobe, and there's still some stuff left in the cupboards that we need this week (some dry food and pans and meds, etc) But cleaning... ehh. I can't clean anything when the house is like this, i.e. everywhere I turn there are boxes and plastic bags! I'll probably only clean the oven, fridge, freezer and bathroom while we're still living here. Cupboards, windows, toilet, floors etc. will have to wait until this apartment is completely empty.

If all goes well, I can go to our new apartment on Thursday/Friday to make it sparkly clean before we move in. :} And we can start transporting some of the boxes there over the weekend. We'll probably move in all the furniture on Monday the 28th and start sleeping there.

Other than that, this week has been complete hell for me... until Friday. It seems that I can't handle being alone. I always used to think I was anti-social and actually PREFERRED to be alone, but in therapy I've realized it's not like that at all. I AM social, and I need people around me, no matter how easy it would be to convince myself otherwise. Henkka worked evening shifts all week last week and then did some electrical stuff for his friend's father 'til 11pm, so I couldn't go anywhere (he had the car and I didn't reload my bus card this month since I don't need it) and I was completely alone for five days. :/ My therapist is on holiday too, until August 11th, so it makes things even worse. It's unbelievable what a difference it makes when you don't have therapy... last summer was the same. The first week was okay, the second was still bearable, but the remaining weeks are always somehow... anxious. :/ I'm sick of my own thoughts. I'm tired of thinking all the crappy stuff inside my head without anyone to talk to about them!! So as a result, I've probably been taking meds when I really wouldn't have had to... I just can't bear the thought of having to roll around in bed thinking. Not even for a minute.

But it'll get better. If there's one thing I've learned through the years (and therapy), it's that IT'LL PASS. I don't get too carried away with my feelings and start thinking "oh this is never going to get any better, life is shit I wanna die I wanna die boohoo". That was the old me. Now I have more faith in myself... and in life in general, too. Life is really full of opportunities, when you think about it. And most often it's up to you if you wanna grab onto them or feel sorry for yourself for "not being able to do anything boohoo".

So anyway, normally Sunday is the worst day of the week for me, but not today. I'm going to hop onto my bike shortly and go rent some movies... then when Henkka comes home from playing floorball, we'll go to the sauna, watch movies and eat ice cream. ^^ I'm happy. And I don't even have a hangover, like I normally do on Sundays! I did make myself three drinks yesterday (in celebration of my birthday, since I never drink during the week and my b-day is on Monday), but managed to resist the temptation to go to the local bar. THAT would have resulted in a hangover. Blah. I don't want that. So I didn't go even though I desperately wanted to at one point. I stayed at home and woke up feeling good this morning. ^^

Oh and Milla threw up on our bed cover this morning :((( Well luckily it went only on the cover and not over the whole bed or worse, the rug on the floor... it would have been a pain to wash it. All I had to do was wipe the worst off the cover and throw the cover into the washing machine. It's the first time she's ever thrown up hairballs. At first I was worried she was sick, but she's been cleaning herself A LOT during the last couple of days, even Henkka noticed it yesterday. And she's her playful old self and eats and drinks normally, so it was probably just hairballs (the stuff looked like it had lots of hair in it, too).

Poor thing.

Well I'll go rent movies now ^

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
3:04 pm - Usefulness
Yay I started packing today ^___^ Well, I only had one cardboard box (from my roller skates, lol) and this gigantic plastic bucket which had sweet popcorn in it. We bought it from Lidl for only 2.99 euros, so because the popcorn was tasty and those buckets will definitely come in handy, I'm going to buy more of those xD

So I went through the three worst cupboards in our apartment. They were full of old, useless junk and papers. Ugggh. I always make these grandeuse decisions like "when we move to our new apartment, I will ALWAYS throw everything that is useless straight into the trash bin" but has it ever happened?? NO.

I was left with four plastic bags of junk X.X

But now that's over and done with xD I have one gigantic cupboard left (the one next to our fridge, which is filled with expired dry foods and decoration stuff that doesn't fit here) but that will have to wait until I get REAL boxes. The rest should be easy to pack... I don't think there's too much junk in our bedroom closets.

I got my hole punch to work! Or rather Henkka did. Lol. It was sooooo easy. All you had to do was push down the punch thingie while switching the button into another position. *is embarrassed* Henkka couldn't stop laughing at me. Ok, I may be an university student, but sometimes things just don't click with me... besides, the instructions never told me to push the goddamn thing down while fiddling with the button!! How was I supposed to know??

I also got started on reading this huge book about Japan Pop. It's The Bible I need for my thesis. I started reading it at 2am because I couldn't sleep and then by 3 I had to stop because everything around me started spinning, thanks to the meds I took to help me sleep (again)... blahhh I hate being an insomniac so much. But I slept so well after that! Lol. I feel all refreshed now.

I will probably end up not seeing the last three episodes of In Treatment :((( They're airing on the week we're supposed to be moving, and depending on when we will take down our satellite dish and disconnect our recordable satellite receiver (what the heck are those things called anyway), I may or may not be able to record them. Hmmmh. What a TV addict, seriously... all that would be left in this apartment would be a receiver and the satellite dish outside xD xD

The satellite dish probably won't work at our new apartment. There are too many trees blocking the signal. :( Noooo! I've gotten so used to having a gajillion channels to watch. Getting them on cable would be way too costly (over 60 euros a month) and we would still have less channels.

Milla looks almost dead right now O.o She's sleeping so peacefully next to me.

Ok time to eat something I guess...

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Monday, July 7th, 2008
6:27 pm - Bored
I'm SO bored. Just waiting for Henkka to get home from work. Went to the gym in the morning, did some groceries & bought food for Milla at the pet store, walked home (~2km) and blahh. I'm getting PMS so all I wanna do is eat. x.x Oh I did pay some bills and it made me depressed to realize how little money was left on my bank account. :( It's fun being a student!!!

I printed out the lyrics I need to analyze for my thesis (100 songs = 149 pages, ouch) and got them all neatly piled and ready to be mapped (with the background readings, ~50 pages, too!) but, alas, I'm stupid and cannot figure out how my brand new hole punch works!!! Gahh!! So now the sheets are all over our living room floor waiting for Milla to wake up and start playing with them. O.o Seriously, I can't make it work. There are no instructions! I'm supposed to switch some button into another position, but it's stuck. Oh well. Maybe Henkka will be able to do something with his ahh-so-manly-powers.

I still can't start packing because I have no boxes. And til Henkka moves our new summer tyres away from the back seat of the car, there is no room for transporting boxes from his workplace to here. Blahhh. And he can't remove the tyres before he books an appointment at the local auto shop to have them installed (he can't do it himself because they're not putting the entire tyres into our car since they're not exactly the same size... my vocabulary fails me now, lol, so I can't explain). Basically, they're using the actual rims and wheels of our old tyres, but replacing the outside rubbers or sth? Because if the police were to stop us now, they'd fine us right away for having such bad tyres. :( 200 euros a tyre, I hear... so we'd better get 'em switched soon!!

I drank on Saturday, so yesterday I had THE worst hangover of my life. Ugh. I had way too much to drink. But seriously, I'm going to stop drinking now!! At least until we've moved in to our new home and stuff. And going out wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Same old shit... what's the point of going clubbing if you're already dating someone? I like dancing, but some guy always comes rubbing himself against me and I have to run away. No fun.

I sold my crosstrainer on the Finnish version of eBay for 120 euros, but I'll have to spend that money to pay more bills. Though the buyer still hasn't replied to my email... blah. I don't wanna look at that ugly thing in my living room anymore :/ What's the point of having a crosstrainer at home when I go to the gym and pay 60 euros a month to exercise on the crosstrainers there...?

Bleh I'll go do something else now... maybe fiddle with that hole punch AGAIN. Is it a hole punch or a puncher?? I'm constantly having a desire to refer to it as a punchER but the text on the package says "hole punch"...

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Friday, July 4th, 2008
12:39 pm - More pics of Milla
Here are some not so successful shots of Milla. :)
"Get lost with that camera already!!"
Here she's obviously had a bit too much to drink...
Here she's a bit pissed off ;)
"What the... get lost!!"

Yeah, that was that. :)

I wanna start cleaning and packing already, but I can't *whines*

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